Birth Date: 15th Apr. 1957
Birth Place: Tokyo Japan 
Blood Type:A

She was born of the father whoユs the professor of the national university and the mother whoユs a famous writer.
Her grandfather was the Supreme Court
 〔mediation commissioner?〕.
 〔A great-grandfather is the high official of the army.〕
 〔A high great-grandfather is the Shinto priest of Emperor Majesty.〕

Between the year 1975 to 1992, she had engaged in nationwide AM radio broadcasting as DJ BEBE. She was a freelance disk jockey studying under the famous Dick Jockey GORO ITOI. The TV program メShinjuku storyモ aired on NHK was the drama program modeled after her.
In 1983, she established the DJ management office SUNDAY Co.Ltd. and started producing radio programs. Then she started operating Tokyo DJ school to train Disc Jockeys. Now there are 12 employees in the office and about 100 talents belonging to the office. The office manages 2 recording studios and a theater with the capacity of 100.
She has been producing the anti-battle radio drama every year since summer in 1998 and in the year 1999, she has come to write a theatrical play. Her writing and the performance she produces are set high valuation. Sheユs awarded many prizes for her work by the broadcasting industry in Japan. (Galaxy prize/Commercial Broadcasting League prize ..etc).

She involves in overseas volunteer while managing the DJ office.
*Activities to support achieving Mother Teresaユs vision in India and Sri Lanka.
*Activities to support homeless people in South Africa, such as building up their homes.
*Activities taking care of street children in Vietnam.

1997 Aug Radio drama『A promise under the wartime』...(producing)SBS RADIO
1998 Aug Radio drama『The traveler of the flame』...(producing)CS Music Bird
1999 Aug Radio drama『ALIA in waste residence』...(Dramatizing /producing)all Japan FM network
2000 Apr Stage『The vapor trail 2000』...(Script writing/producing)NAKANO PLAN-B
2000 Aug Radio drama『The vapor trail』<Galaxy Encouragement prize>
                  ...(Script writing/producing)all Japan FM network
2000 Aug Stage『The vapor trail 2000』(Script writing/producing)...TOKYO FM Hall
2000 Dec Stage『Tonight with KIYOSHI』(Script writing/producing)...NAKANO PLAN-B
2001 Aug Radio drama『ZOMEKI disappeared in the summer』<commercial broadcasting league prize>
                   ...(Script writing/producing)all Japan FM network
2001 Aug Stage『The vapor trail 2001』...(Script writing/producing)NAKANO ACTLE
2001 Oct Stage『ZOMEKI disappeared in the summer』...(Script writing/producing)SHINNZYUKU theater BRAT
2002 Aug Radio drama『Peace In A Bottle』<Galaxy prize fine work>
                  ...(Script writing/producing)all Japan FM network
2002 Aug Stage『The vapor trail 2002』...(Script writing/producing)SINZYUKU theater Moli_re
2003 Aug The recitation of Documentary『In far from a cloud to flow』
                  ...(producing)all Japan FM network
2002 Aug The memorial day of the end of the war (special live program 12 hours)『POWER OF LOVE』
                  ...(producing)all Japan FM network
2003 Aug Stage『The vapor trail 2003』
                  ...(Script writing/producing)SINZYUKU theater Morier
2003 Sep Stage『The vapor trail 2003』
                  ...(Script writing/producing)Sunyell KAGOSHIMA
2003 Dec Stage『The vapor trail 2003』
                  ...(Script writing/producing)Duo Stage BBS
2004 May Stage『The Tag』...(Script writing/producing)Duo Stage BBS

奈美木映里 *ERI NAMIKI*
SUNDAY.,Co.Ltd. President & Chief Executive Officer .ERI NAMIKI (BEBE)

2004 Aug Radio drama『The challengers who got over the sea』
                  ...(producing)all Japan community FM network
2004 Aug Stage『The vapor trail 2004』(Script writing/producing)
                  ...SINZYUKU theater SUNMOLL
2004 Oct Stage『The vapor trail 2004』(Script writing/producing)
                  ...SENDAI GOKOKU Shrine

Hers studio & theater.................................(1)3 D-studio<recordingstudio>
           (2)sunny side studio<satellite studio>
           (3)SASAZUKA 100 people theater BBS<theater>
SUNDAY.,Co.Ltd. President & Chief Executive Officer .ERI NAMIKI (BEBE)